Boer Goats

voogt farms boer goatsWe originally got into registered Boer Goats after reviewing data that suggested introducing goats to the cow pasture actually increased the amount of cattle forage as the goats ate only the competing weeds and brush, providing more sunlight and moisture for the grass.

Since then, our Boer Goats have evolved into 3 distinct markets

  • registered doe and buck seedstock for other breeders
  • 4H projects
  • wholesome, lean meat for a growing ethnic population





The registered herd has grown to 18 does. They are being bred to a new $1,500 buck from Kentucky. So, FLASH!, we now have 3 young 2012 bucks FOR SALE. Ready now to breed your does for champions like these below. Your choice $500 , first come, first served.

To learn more about these interesting animals, please feel free to visit anytime.

bloomgirls   Cortney & Becca Bloom from Sparta, Michigan with their Grand & Reserve Champion Market Goats in the 2011 Kent County Youth Fair