Bulls For Sale

Bulls For Sale 2016 

Bulls for Sale now at Voogt Farms:

  • VF Advantage M24 502 Pedigree Lookup
  • VF Aberdeen Final Answer 535 Pedigree Lookup

    Bulls for Sale March 19 at Crystal, MI:

  • VF In Focus Advantage 501 Pedigree lookup
  • VF Insured Traction 508 Pedigree Lookup
  • VF Net Signature 517 Pedigree Lookup
  • VF Aberdeen All In 519 Pedigree Lookup
  • VF Right Advantage 551 Pedigree Lookup

    Bulls for Sale April 14 at Bedford, IN:

  • VF Right Answer All In 505 Pedigree lookup
  • VF Final Answer Traction 512 Pedigree lookup
  • VF All In 523 Pedigree lookup
  • Voogt Farms is primarily in the purebred Angus Bull supply business.  By the use of proven national sires through our intensive Artificial Insemination (A.I.) program, we keep our genetics fresh and retain only the best calves for potential breeding bulls.

    A.I. bulls are selected for balanced genetic traits.  Almost all of our bull customers can use more marbling and tenderness, so we design the bulls to excel in those traits.  Easy calving, explosive growth, and red meat yield are vital, and cows must have lots of milk and the ability to raise a good calf on time every year.

    By the extensive use of A.I., the cow herd is made up of easy calvers, and calving assistance is now rare at Voogt Farms. 

    All bulls are enrolled in competitive testing programs.  We maintain a bull test facility here at the farm and also participate in the MCA/MSU Bull Test.  Either source is handy for our loyal Michigan customers.  We also have been long time participators in the bull test program of Purdue University at the Bedford, Indiana test facility.  Through these programs, Voogt Farms has sold bulls into 6 states.

    The MCA/MSU bull test sale in 2016 is on March 19, and the Purdue/Indiana sale is April 14.  Bulls are also now available for sale here at our farm on a first come, first served basis. Please check out the Bulls for Sale 2016 box for details.

    Genetic EPD profiles on our bulls are now available directly from the American Angus Association by going to www.angus.org and click on Data Search>EPD/Pedigree Look Up and enter bull’s registration number, then EPD percentiles in middle of page.